It’s finally turning into winter here on the east coast, and I thought I’d share this excellent video on how to get rid of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.  They’ve caused quite a …….stink…, and this video has great suggestions on how to keep them out of your house, and how to send the ones that do get in off to the big cabbage in the sky.

Dr. Raupp is a great model for how to do Extension in the digital age–he’s able to have fun with his information sharing. I loved his CSI: Garden Pests video.  Well done, sir!

Oh yeah, another video came out today that you might enjoy, BTW.  Interview with a vampire bug girl.

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. Great interview with you, BG! Loved the blue wig, though I have a hard time figuring out how you fit it over your antennae. (-:

    I enjoy your blog for two reasons:

    I love all natural history stuff, and you write with such evident enthusiasm.

  2. Hey, he’s got a pretty cool dragonfly door knocker!

    Speaking of stink bugs: how bad do they actually smell? Because I never really am able to smell them. At most they seem to have a slightly musty odor. Is their stinkiness overrated, or is there something wrong with my nose?

  3. these particular stink bugs are supposed to be extra stinky, Tim.
    I haven’t gotten my hands on them yet (they are supposed to taste like cilantro when you cook them, which is another reason I’mm looking out for them).

  4. Cilantro? That actually makes sense. I can’t taste cilantro. I understand that a large fraction of the population lacks the taste/smell receptors for cilantro. If the chemical in stink bugs is related to the chemical in cilantro, then it wouldn’t be surprising at all if that same segment of the population couldn’t smell stink bugs, either.

    The praying mantis we had as a pet during the summer could evidently smell them, though. Stink bugs were the only insects we put into its cage that it just Would. Not. Eat.

  5. Killing stink bugs… Suddenly I don’t feel safe anymore… Ha!
    Around this time of year, my room always gets infested with Asian ladybugs (Harmonia axyridis). They come in because of the cold outside, I guess. I always put them in the freezer, just like this guy does with his stink bugs. It seems like the easiest way to kill them all at once.

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