roach dreaming of latkesSince I’m posting holiday songs, we can’t leave out Hanukkah!

Authored by Miriam Goldstein, who says it was inspired by her former Brooklyn apartment:

To the tune of “Oh Hanukkah”:

Oh cockroaches oh cockroaches
Come in from the wall space.
Skittering all over
The kitchen and food plates.
Please explore the counters
So you will meet
Roach motels to stick to
And poison to eat.

My insect repertoire is a bit sparse for this holiday–if you know of any additional Hanukkah insect songs, please let me know!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  1. I feel for Miriam: in my case, I spend far too much time in the summer singing the “Kitty Cat Rodeo” song from “Joe’s Apartment” when the American roaches start searching indoors for water. (My wife would kill me for singing this song around her, mostly because that’s how she and her ex used to spend Hanukkah. They lived next to a very bad Thai restaurant, and the whole holiday season usually ended with her suggesting that they take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.)

  2. The best song ever involving a cockroach comes from Namibia (a desert* in southern Africa, for all you geographically challenged); written and sung by the sexy young “Andra” in her double-cream ‘n gravel voice. (Think Joe Cocker in a little black number).
    As we groupies say down south: “serijass, check her out”.

    *Aye, these critters flourish even in them thar deserts.

  3. But if you poison us, do we not die?

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