Insect Watercolors and a bug expo

Artist at work

I had a good time at the Eastern Branch ESA meeting Bug fair this weekend–and I discovered a new artist!  Dinah Wells works in watercolors, and does amazing work. Here she is painting away on a portrait of a cicada killer wasp.

I should say, she’s peacefully painting at a table between an exhibit of marmorated stink bugs on one side, and a hyperactive bearded lizard on the other side. And a bunch of very excited children milling around everywhere else.  Never missed a beat, just kept right on painting. I wish I could focus that well!

You can see even more of her amazing art work here; and guess what? Even cooler, if you buy one of her prints, she will donate 5% of the purchase price to the Xerces Society!  WIN!

Richard from the ESA made a really nice video summarizing the Bug World event–many cute kids and bugs, in addition to photos of Ms. Wells at work.  Enjoy.

One thought on “Insect Watercolors and a bug expo

  1. Her artwork is wonderful! Great learning about her, and the whole Artists For Conservation website- what a fine and well-executed idea.

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