photo of princessCurious about the Honey Princess that I mentioned seeing at the Entomology meeting? The Honey Queen and Honey Princess compete nationally to be the spokespeople for the American Beekeeping Federation. They have to be experienced beekeepers to qualify, and win their state competition first.  From the American Beekeeping Federation website:

The American Honey Queen Program provides the entire beekeeping industry with a salesperson and a public representative. The purpose of the Honey Queen/Princess is to increase the consumption of honey, as well as educate the public about the beekeeping industry nationwide. They travel throughout the United States during the year of their reign.

From the Queen Program guidelines:

“The selection of this national representative of the beekeeping industry is held in conjunction with the annual American Beekeeping Federation Convention each January…. Judging of the candidates is carried out at various events during the course of the  convention, and candidates are evaluated on their professionalism, presentation and speaking ability, writing skills, and knowledge of subject….She must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the beekeeping industry and must be aware of the concerns of beekeepers in the area she represents.”

I say we overthrow Miss America and replace the whole pageant with beekeepers!

There is a nice interview with the Honey Princess here.  An amazingly poised and professional nineteen year-old!  It is also very clear that the tiara is a major hit with little girls.

She and the Queen have their own blog, too!  (before anyone asks, no, I don’t think that there is a Honey Drone program.)

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