I am a huge fan of BioBlitz days.  For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a BioBlitz is basically a plan to document and count as many species as possible in a 24-hour time period. The details of when, where, and how are unique to the local habitat.

The Discovery Channel tends to reinforce the idea that all the rare and interesting species are far away from the US and in a rainforest.  Not so! We have a wide range of species diversity right here at home, and BioBlitz helps to document them.  This produces a snapshot of species composition in time that can be used to compare to records from the past, and to see how things change in the future.

flyIt is also a good excuse to go outside and run around collecting things, of course.

The Great Basin Bioblitz is scheduled for June 19-21, 2012.

2012 Diptera BioBlitz (Flies)
The park would like to announce the 2012 BioBlitz to be held June 19-21, 2012, which will concentrate on the Order Diptera (flies). Dr. Riley Nelson from Brigham Young University will be leading the effort, with assistance from the Nevada Department of Agriculture and other entomologists.

The event will begin with a workshop about Diptera life history, collecting methods, and more. Following that, a 48-hour collection period will commence, and participants will have the chance to visit many areas of Great Basin National Park. At the same time, numerous educational programs will be held to share the importance of Diptera with park visitors and staff.

At noon on June 21, everyone will reconvene for a closing lunch and to hear the preliminary results of this biodiversity discovery event. The park is providing free camping for participants. For more BioBlitz information or a registration form, please email Gretchen Baker, or call 775-234-7331 x251.

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  1. I also love BioBlitz days. So sad I’m too far away to reach this one, especially since it focuses on Diptera.

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