Updates and the Bug Blogger Survey!

First, yes, I changed the blog design again.  My subscription to the custom CSS was up, and I just don’t have time to write my own code anymore. As much as I would love to make it all HTML5…it just ain’t gonna happen.   So, I switched to a slightly more boring but hopefully easy to read design.  If you notice any design strangeness, please let me know! It may take me an hour or so to put everything back together.

I finally had time to sit down and put all the respondents to the Bug Blogger survey up!  These are only folks that took the survey and indicated they would like to be listed publicly–a couple of people opted out.

Want to be on the list? You have to take the survey!  Also, a couple of people haven’t responded, and I really would love to have their input since they are long-time bug bloggers.  If you happen to know these people/bloggers, please poke them with a stick and ask them to participate!

What’s next for the Survey data?

I’m hoping that I’ll have time next month to do some data crunching and put together a report on the evolution of the BugBlogosphere. The obvious place for that to be be published would be American Entomologist, except then no one but ESA members would be able to see it!  I’m open to suggestions of open-access journals, or other ideas!

4 thoughts on “Updates and the Bug Blogger Survey!

  1. I like the new layout, and I’m looking forward to seeing your analysis of the Bugosphere! American Entomologist does have open-access options that are reasonable (compared to some other publishers) depending on how many pages your paper ends up. I bet the Bugosphere would be willing to chip in if publishing fees turn out to be an obstacle as well.

  2. I created a photography portfolio last month and with it pushed a blog too, its not arthropod specific and will deal with some photography stuff too, you think it qualifies?

  3. Wow, it is really lovely! But since it’s only one month old, I would say no–I am looking for blogs/microblogs that started in 2011 or earlier.
    Now I’m going to go back to reading your blog…..

  4. I’m wishing worms were bugs, because I’m a longtime worm blogger who loves a good survey!

    I referenced What’s That Bug today about a spider (wolf vs. fishing), and thought I’d check out some other bug blogs. Glad to have found you!

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