While some people clearly got their pedipalps in a twist over my Spider-Man post, it was all worth it because I discovered Spinnerette.

Heather is a hapless grad student that is also a bit of a klutz… and ends up infused with spider DNA.  The results are far more pleasing to an entomologist than Spider-Man’s neutered and white-washed anatomy.

This? This is EXACTLY what would happen if I was bitten by a radioactive spider:

spinnerette panel

Check out Spinnerette and enjoy!

Posted by Gwen Pearson

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  2. Oh, this is fabulous … just three pages into the first issue, Dr Lambha is ranting at a dumb reporter, “GOD DAMN you idiots in the media! I’m doing research on SPIDER GENETICS, and you infer that I’m going to CURE FATNESS or turn people into SPIDERMEN! Do you understand anything about science? This is just like the SUPER HADRON COLLIDER, scientists try to investigate subatomic particles … and you dogs on TV report that we’re trying to make a BLACK HOLE to DESTROY THE WORLD!”

  3. It’s a charming comic in many ways, but I can’t get around the animé spherical- antigravity-boobs-barely-contained-by-ridiculous-outfits convention.

  4. Yes, the breasts are a bit….pneumatic.

  5. You had people complaining about your Spider-Man dissection? Sounds about right. Please let me introduce you to the comic industry’s least favorite character: “Beware, evildoers! You face the wrath of…CAT PISS MAN!”

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