chaos. Panic. Pandemonium. My work here is done.I wanted to update my regular readers about some upcoming changes here at the Bug Blog!

Diapause is a delay in development in insects. It’s usually in response to periods of adverse environmental conditions.  After October 1, I’ll be on posting hiatus, and will close comments.  I’ll also be dialing back the Bug Media Empire™ social streams a bit.

The really exciting thing?

Eight years ago there were no bug blogs.  Hell, there weren’t that many nature-related blogs. But today? There is an amazing amount of writing and media related to entomology online.   Just look at my list–which is still incomplete. I discover new blogs daily.

I’ve been working on giving all of you a brain dump about how to dominate insect social media for the last couple of weeks because I have learned a LOT of stuff in the 7 years I’ve been blogging. I want all of you to benefit from that.

I’m not leaving forever!   I’ll still post at Skepchick as Bug Girl, and I’ll still be socializing on social media–just not as much as in the past.   I need to spend more time on things I do with my real name in the real world.   I serve as Webmaster for several non-profits, and they will be what I focus more energy on in the near future.  I hope to also finally find time to finish up the bug blog survey project, and a few other dangling threads.

More rambling below the fold for those who are morbidly curious.