Posted by Gwen Pearson

Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!


  1. VM Sehy Photography February 26, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    I’ve been won over. Never thought of centipedes as cute until now. The song is pretty cool, too.

  2. Love it! Of course, this season we’re coming up on “Here comes Peter Chitin-tail, hoppin’ down the buggy trail!”

  3. Awesome song! Had lots of these in my old house – they used to creep me out, and I would stomp them; then I found out they ate cockroaches & termites & things, so I learned to love them :-)

  4. We don’t see many out west here. Nice song!

  5. really cool. I have an insect-loving 8 year old son who will love this…thanks!

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