Updates from the Bug House

looking for a new hive
Looking for a new Hive in Toledo

Hi Everybody! Some quick updates:

  1. I am moving! I’m moving back to the Midwest the first week of May, so will be out of touch for most of that week.
  2. I have a contract to do some work for a company I’m quite geeked about. I won’t know until June if it will become full-time with benefits, so I’m going to be really focusing a lot of energy on that. Keep your fingers crossed that works out and I can come back to blogging this summer. They know who Bug Girl is, and are totally OK with that. That’s a first!
  3. This Happened.  I’m in the Library of Congress!!

That’s all for now–here’s some awesome buggy stuff to read while I’m trying to get my life sorted:

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  1. Congrats on the new job — if it’s anywhere near me in the Twin Cities, do let me know!

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