pachanga1This week has had some really tough news from both the US and the UK, so how about something lovely and inspirational? It’s the sort of thing you’ll want to view on the biggest monitor you can get.

Pachanga is 104 pages of designs inspired by moths.  From Amazon (where you can get a hardback copy, but it’s a bit pricey):

The Pachanga collection was created by Ecuadorian artist Belen Mena when she became captivated by the intense colors and intricate patterns of several moths during one moonlit evening (Pachanga means a festive party in Spanish). The Pachanga collection boasts over 300 different species of moths , each umiquely beautiful and features a photograph on a contrasting background, along with a vector representation and a series of inspired patterns and designas of each moth.

Some patterns have a clean geometric feel while others feature intricate details. The book has received numerous awards including the prestigious Gold Award at the International Forum of Design competition.

This is an exquisite Art book. The careful recreation of the moths patterns through computer tools is one of the most remarkable uses of artistic creativity.

I have looked at lovely moths thousands of times, but I never would have made the jump to these designs.

There are also apparently lovely items made using these patterns! I….kind of want all of them.  Or some of these posters.

pachanga moths

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  1. as a graphic designer, love this! shared this at work

  2. Gorgeous work, thanks very much for posting.

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