So, like I’m sitting in the mall the other day and like my friend Amy says to me “Hey, Bug” (like, my friends call me Bug), Amy says, “Have you seen these bees called Valley Bees?”
“And I’m like, Ohmigod, no way! Valley Bees? As if.”
And she’s like, “Yeah, WAY, there are too things called Valley Bees.”

So I looked on the mega-computer thingy called the Internet, and Ohmigod, she was right! Valley Carpenter bees are thuh largest bees found in California, man, measurin’ up to an inch in length. Totally Bitchin!

male valley bee

Male Valley Bee, Like Wow!

They are like completely rad, and burrow through wood to make their nests? And, like, the males and females look completely different, which is like, called sexual dimorphism, I guess? And they have a grody name like Xylocopa varipuncta? I’m so sure they love that name, AS IF.

So I was like “Seriously, only a total dweeb would like this” but Amy said “No, you should TOTALLY post this.”

So I was like “WhatEVER” and I posted it.

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  1. Yes, native pollinator specialist Robbin Thorp, emeritus professor of entomology at UC Davis, calls them “teddy bears.” See my photos of the “teddy bears” on Bug Squad at The females are solid black.

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  3. Gorgeous bees, thank you for this. I wonder if i might ask you a question? When i was in Nice, i noticed some huge bees there that were a fuzzy purple and black… you could hear them coming long before they arrived! I wonder what they might be called?

  4. entertaining and informative.. kudos! You’ve got a new follower, I’ll be coming back for sure!

  5. You should receive an award for making science more accessible to the general public! Well, the Valley is a good start. Loved it.

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    They are SOOOO pretty! Especially the eyes!

  7. is that one nectar robbing?

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  9. OMG, that is like, so totally cool! I did not know there could be golden carpenter bees! Where I live, which is, like, farmville–gawd I can’t wait to get out of here–, the carpenter bees are totally black!

  10. You may, should you wish, cause me to reflexively cough, and perhaps to vomit, by pressing on the back of my lingual region with a spoon.

  11. I love my black carpenter bees (Xylocopa Violacea) but I wish I had some of your teddy bear ones too.

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    Hands down one of the fluffiest of all the little critters out there!

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