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Anonymity, revisited

My post on blogging anonymously was surprisingly popular, so I thought I would mention this news tidbit: A British policeman was recently outed as the author of the blog Night Jack, a 2009 Orwell Prize […]

Pseudonyms and anonymity

MGK recently was musing about the case of an anonymous blogger publicly “outed” by another; “Pseudonymity is great. Blevins explains most of the cogent reasons why he blogged anonymously (not wanting to frighten students, not […]

Pseudonyms are essential online

[Trigger warning for discussions of online and IRL abuse and violence]

Anonymous Entomological Punditry on the Internet

[This is part of a series of posts about writing, entomology, and career development that are linked to my upcoming Entomological Society of America talk in November.] I get a surprising number of emails from reporters asking […]

Does Google+ hate women?

Ok, that title is way over the top to get your attention.* BUT. I do want to talk about what the “no pseudonyms” policy adopted at G+ means for women, LGBT folk, and civil servants. There […]

Tell me what you want

I got the official notification of my time in the Social Media Symposium for the Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting. The official symposium: Speak Out – Interaction and Education in a Brave New World of […]

Posting on the interwebs using your real name

I thought it was interesting that as I am struggling with the issue of anonymity, Feministe was also discussing this issue.  It seems like women especially come in for abuse online–something I’ve mentioned before. (And […]