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cicada painting

Painting Cicadas

Video showing the creation of a painting about cicadas. Lovely!

cicada painting

Time for Cicadas!

Hurray! Info about these summer singers

Time for Periodical Cicadas!

Actually, I’m a bit slow off the mark. Brood I is emerging this year, and has already peaked.  My favorite thing about periodical cicadas is their wonderful Genus name: Magicicada.  They are indeed magical, and being […]

Cicada man!

CicadiaMania alerted me to the strange pleasure that is Cicada Man, or Semi Ningen.  Semi Ningen (Cicada-Human) is a character from a very odd 1966 Japanese TV series, Ultra Q.  SN is sent to earth […]

Dog-Day Cicadas

I’ve started hearing the dog-day cicadas! While the 17-year cicadas get a lot of press, there are also yearly cicadas. In the US, these are all in the Genus Tibicen (latin for “flute player”). The […]

Awesome Cicada Movie

If you liked the little loop I had a while back showing a cicada emerging, you’ll love this–a neat little 6 minute film about the Cicada Life Cycle! Amazing photography! Indiana University also has a […]

Cicada Magic

Cicadas are my other favorite insect, and thanks to Ugly Overload, I found this wonderful video! Enjoy the wonder. There is a fairly extensive amount of info on Michigan Cicadas at the U of M […]

Cicadas Attack Japan!

That’s some serious Cicada Action documented in this week’s Nature: A cicada known as the kumazemi is descending on Japan en masse, deafening the citizens and wreaking havoc on the country’s fibre-optic system. The 6- […]

Cicada Summer

No, this isn’t an article about the emergence. It’s a book review. Title: Cicada Summer Author: Dallas Releford Bug Rating: Synopsis: The literary equivalent of “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” Only with giant sex-crazed arthropods. […]