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Agitprop is Awesome!

Via a little program called Agitprop, I was just able to import about a year’s worth of old blog from iBlog. I diched iBlog some time ago, for a variety of glitches. Awesome!! Thank you! […]

Insight wins! (again)

Those of you who’ve taunted me about my little car–eat my dust! Not only do I get great mileage and have a SULEV rating, an Insight won a road rally in November! And, this was […]

Challah Bread Recipe

I made this because I accidentally bought way too many eggs. It was surprisingly easy, and very yummy. We ate waaaay too much of this. 1/2 cup plus 2/3 cup warm water 2 tbs dry […]

Mice (Ex-Mice)

We have been suffering the last week through a very nasty stench–a dead mouse got into one of the furnace vents, and everytime the heat came on, it was eau de dead vermin all through […]

Lightning bugs and Raccoon Wars

Yay! It’s officially summer–the first lightning bugs of the year showed up yesterday. Unfortunately, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence they are decreasing these days. Fortunately, it is anecdotal, so it might just be […]

Sigh, Again

I never thought I’d be willingly linking to the Log Cabin Republicans. I mean, I just don’t understand them at all. But this one, I’m with them 100%. Dear Mr. President I’m editing this to […]


I just can’t think of anything else to title this . College teachers rally against bill The Arizona Republic Feb. 28, 2006 12:00 AM “Senate Bill 1331, introduced by Sen. Thayer Verschoor, R-Gilbert, would allow […]

what I did at school today

I found a huge, gaping hole in a piece of software we use in our office! Basically, it’s very vulnerable to a cross site attack , since by just changing a few numbers in the […]


I….just can’t even believe this. First, he appoints this little douchebag to a major oversight position at NASA. (full article here): “The Big Bang memo came from Mr. Deutsch, a 24-year-old presidential appointee in the […]