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Writer. Nerd. Insect Evangelist. Have you heard the good news? BUGS!

giant hopper!


So, in my entomological life, I research pheromones and how they affect insect mating systems. Somehow today I stumbled across this. I honestly can’t figure out if this is real or not, but it is […]

giant hopper!

Bug Girl, Private Eye

I’m trying to get my credit house in order before putting my actual house on the market this year, and I am learning a LOT about collection agencies. in 1996, I bought something using a […]

Recipe! Spinach Patties

This is from a book–I modified it because ML doesn’t like onions, and also because I refuse to cook with more than 5 ingredients. Too much work! :) I used Parmesan, since….we had it in […]

Pardon me, Boy…

Is that your Vietnamese pot belly pig? Ok, maybe it’s a stretch for the Chatanooga ChooChoo reference. But I was sort of humming it all day today, so thought I would work it into this […]

J. A. McGaw

1915-2005 So, yeah, I’ve been MIA lately, partly because I was feeling funky, and partly because I was bummed about my grandfather dying. I wanted to write something that would express how much I would […]

Gluteus Freakyous

So, I am looking for something to do that will keep me moving, now that I am going to bail on Mr. Spandex and Arnis class. I thought bellydancing might be fun, and have gotten […]

not quite what I meant…

I’m hitting the home stretch on my grant, and I realized last night that I had written past the point where I made sense. I’m trying to get the feds to give me money to […]

Whoa. Wow.

I’ve been so busy, haven’t been able to write much lately. First the mundane catching up: Sent manuscript off to collaborators. So far, they like it!Worked many long 14 hour days last week, but had […]