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Insect Poop Tea

You might have heard of Kopi Luwak or Cat Poop Coffee, an Indonesian coffee made from beans digested and excreted by civet cats. I love coffee. I mean, I LOVE COFFEE. I would inject it if I […]

How to make a giant aluminum ants’ nest

Details about that amazing aluminum nest cast photo that is making the rounds. It’s SCIENCE!

A mushy Valentine message to pretty much everyone on the internet (except a couple of you, and You Know Who You Are)

rather than griping about what I don’t have this Valentines Day (because apparently I have the same romantic habits as a cicada–we have sex once, and it only happens in 17 year intervals;) I thought I would be happy about what I do have.

“We don’t talk about ovaries here”

I put things on hold about 4 months ago, and wanted to give everyone an update. I’m afraid there are no insects in this post, but I am possibly going to crank things up again. […]


I am taking some time off.

“Mine is Bigger than Yours”: Social Media Ranking and Scientists

One of the things I’ve struggled with during my online career is how to figure out what impact, if any, I’m actually creating with all my blogging, tweeting, and other online social media activity.   It […]

FTC takes action against bogus bed bug products

I am excited to report that the FTC has begun to take action against some of the bogus products for sale claiming to protect you against bed bugs:  ”The Federal Trade Commission filed deceptive advertising charges […]

International Rock Flipping Day!

Just wanted to remind everyone that September 9, 2012 is International Rock Flipping Day!  This is the 6th annual IRFD. Go outside, and spend some time with your inner kid (or an actual kid).  There are […]