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Maggot Therapy

Did you know that some insects are Regulated as Medical Devices? Yep. Maggot Therapy. I’ve mentioned it a few times before at the Bug Blog, and in these days of MRSA bacteria, diabetic ulcers, and […]

Ask an Entomologist: Snow Fleas

What? Fleas in Winter??? If you’ve seen a tiny assortment of purple, bouncing specks in your snow, you might be looking at springtails.  Don’t worry, they aren’t real fleas–they just bounce around in a similar […]

Stupidity….there’s an app for that

Just when I think I’ve seen everything…I discover there is an app for your iPhone that claims to  repel mosquitoes with high frequency sound: “Have you ever been camping and you were worried about those […]

Where should I look for a job?

One of the most common questions I get from students around this time of year is “Where should I look for a job?” The question they actually are asking is “where ONLINE should I look […]

Pollinator Week 2009: Homes for pollinators

Homebuggarden commented earlier this week: “Has anyone come across a good source of information on providing nest support for alternative pollinators such as bumblebees, digger bees, and the like?” Indeed, I have!  Xerces has an […]

Endangered Species Bug Bust in Michigan

I have discussed the CITES treaty before, and also dealing in endangered species. A local Michigan man just ran afoul of both: Kevin Rucinski of Roscommon County’s Gerrish Township was sentenced Thursday as part of […]


Are there roaches in your coffee and chocolate?

It will not harm you to eat insect parts. You do it all the time.
It simply Freaks. People. Out.

Do Earthworms have hairs?

Hey–apparently I missed International Earthworm Day!  So–here’s something wormy for you. A lot of people don’t realize that earthworms, like their cousins the polychaete worms, also have hairs on each segment.  Earthworms have tiny, hard […]