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Mosquito Repellent Clothing: does it work?

Short answer: Yes! I love mine! I also have a very stylish hat that isn’t treated, but keeps the insects from biting my neck and head. And now, to qualify my answer with a bunch […]

How to photograph insects

Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a camera, so can’t give you good advice. However, I can refer you to some other people who take amazing photos, and that are willing to share their knowledge […]

Ask an Entomologist: Bot Flies

A story in the news today: Man surprised by bot flies on his head! I was looking at some of the comments on that article, and thought some general info about bot flies might be […]

What’s the best way to repel mosquitoes?

Do a Google search on this phrase, and I’m afraid nearly all the top results will try to sell you garbage. You can buy solar-powered ultrasound “repellers” that claim to scare mosquitoes off–but they’ll mostly […]


I’m so happy to be home, especially because the first firefly of the summer was out last night! Fireflies create their glow with the help of a protein with the awesome name of luciferin. Why […]

Awesome Moth/Butterfly ID website!

One of the most common questions I get is “I saw an awesome butterfly–what was that?” Here’s a great resource: Moths and Butterflies of North America In addition to photos of most adults and larvae, […]

Providing native bee habitat in your yard

One logical question following the discussion of tomato pollination, and the decline in honey bees is “what can I do to promote native bee populations?” Several great publications are available to discuss how to do […]

Tomatoes, bees, and sex toys.

New post over at Skepchick :) I’ve been having an “ask an entomologist” session over at the JREF forums, and a question came up about tomatoes and pollination. Mercutio was concerned that with the disappearing […]