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More Beautiful Bees: Chrysididae

Here is my other vote for most beautiful bee: the cuckoo bee. They are a lovely shiny, metallic blue or green, with a detailed surface all over their body. They usually don’t sting, and are […]

Beautiful Bees: Halictidae

I asked the JREF forum for some ideas about insect questions, and one was about a shiny green or teal bee. I’m guessing it was a halictid, which are my pick for some of the […]

How to remove a tick (and prevent Lyme Disease)

I recently got a phone call from someone who thought she had a tick on her, so I thought it might be useful to discuss the right–and the wrong–way to remove a tick. If you […]

How to Kill Fire Ants

Ed alerted me to a potential urban myth about the USDA and imported fire ants. He heard that the USDA recommended not treating fire ants because they would evolve resistance to pesticides. I can understand […]

Ants and Brain-eating Parasites

I got all excited because I found this nifty film on YouTube that illustrates the way in which Cordyseps attacks ants, and then found that Neurophilosophy had already written an excellent article on the topic. […]

Why Collect Insects?

Doug, at Gossamer Tapestry, has a wonderful post about why he collects insects, and ethical considerations in collecting. Check it out! Personally, I have almost completely stopped collecting, partly because I don’t have time or […]

Disappearing bees and BS (Cliff notes version)

I stumbled across this today, and thought it might be a good time to collect all the stuff I’ve written about bees lately in one spot. As I mentioned on the SGU podcast, the bee […]

How much is a bee worth?

To continue the bee theme of the last couple of weeks: Why should you care about insects? Why is the dissapearance of some crawly bugs a big deal? You can go to the Xerces Society […]

Reading about bees

I wanted to follow up on the CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) discussions with some reading recommendations. If you want to learn more about being a beekeeper, living in the country, and letting nature define the […]