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The other beetle-hunter

Today, July 1st, 150 years ago, the joint paper of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace was read to the Linnean Society of London: “On the tendency of species to form varieties, and on the […]

Happy Juneteenth!

If you don’t know what Juneteenth is, it’s the day that word of the Emancipation Proclamation finally reached Texas. Slaves in texas had actually been “free” for several months before they found this out. From […]

How to Constructively Protest Hate Speech

Michigan, unfortunately, has become a home to many neo-nazi types recently. So I’ve had to deal with not only noose incidents, but an actual, bona fide, student hate group. Ugh. The student hate group invited […]

Skeptical Tuesday

Two skeptical things to read for Tuesday: The Skeptic’s Circle is up at Andrea’s blog! Check it out! And– I’ve written a long navel-gazing post at Skepchick about race, skepticism, and the F word. Photo […]

A different kind of bug

Fagbug! What an awesome story of someone taking an act of hate and turning it into something positive. From a news article covering her story, and the rainbow makeover courtesy of Volkswagen: “Fag Bug has […]

My employee said the N word

OMG. This is one of the challenges I didn’t foresee when I became a manager. I’m not sure why I was so naive. Did I think everyone who worked for me would be super-cool folks […]

Weekly WTF: Hate group not in violation of MSU policy

I really didn’t expect this. “A Michigan State University investigation has concluded that two conservative student groups did not violate the university’s anti-discrimination policy.” You can actually download a copy of the report, minus some […]

An interesting Tenure Battle at U of M

Tenure. There is no word scarier to an academic. The ways in which tenure is awarded are secretive, never written or explicit, and often biased. At University of Michigan, a woman with a joint appointment […]

Good Michigan news, for a change

Following on the happy news that the speech by racist Jared Taylor would be canceled, the student behind the Young Americans For Freedom group at MSU is stepping down: “EAST LANSING – Kyle Bristow, the […]