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The female science blogger thing

I mentioned last week that The Scientist was looking for people to vote on their favorite science bloggers. It seemed that none of the 7 folks they initially asked to name favorites to kick off […]

The B word

So, for those of you like me who have zero interest in professional sports that don’t involve soccer or a bicycle: a nasty sexual harassment suit is going on, and the word “bitch” has been […]

Racism’s cognitive cost

Today there was a great turnout to protest overt racism in the Jena 6 case. (Pam’s House Blend has a nice rundown on coverage, or lack thereof, BTW.) Another important thing happened more quietly today: […]

“Beaners” changes its name

File this under “It’s About Time!”: The Coffee Shop chain based in Michigan called “Beaners” changes it’s name: “A small but growing coffeehouse chain is changing its name amid concern that the moniker meant to […]

Religion in the Workplace: a Review

Via George’s Blawg, I found this very long review of Religion in the Workplace. The thing that makes this article unique is that it contains quite a few case studies. Some of them are reprehensible […]

Public perceptions of Biotechnology

Wow, for the month of September, this issue of Biotechnology Journal has free PDF downloads: Volume 2, Issue 9 (September 2007) Special Issue: Talking Biotech with the Public It looks very interesting– lots of articles […]

Interesting Science Job news

A new study mentioned in this week’s Nature caught my eye– “Molly Schmid and Helen Liu looked at the 3,790 jobs that were open in July at the top five revenue-generating drug companies (Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, […]

An awesome Canadian Science Fair Site

The Virtual Science Fair “The Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair is an annual online science and technology contest open to all Canadian students in grades K-12. Founded in 1999, the goal is to provide a […]

Cool entomology videos at TOL

I just found a great new video/podcast repository: Tree of Life Podcasts Some really cool videos–go on a bird count, blacklighting in a desert canyon…nifty! Many of these also have related lesson plans attached, and […]