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Fredrick Douglass on the 4th of July

One of the great things about the web is you keep stumbling over things you didn’t expect. The complete text of a speech from FD is reproduced on the interesting blog Afro-netizen (regrettably, the speech […]

Public Radio Talent Quest Round 3!

I think I forgot to mention this: Rebecca from Skepchick made it to the third round of the Talent Quest! You can hear her entry and the other 7 finalists here. (I gotta say, I’m […]

Nature Gets With the Program

Ok, this is progress: The journal Nature updated it’s mission statement: Our 1869 mission statement is out of date. The original mission statement of this journal, first printed in Nature’s second issue on 11 November […]

Bad at science? Blame Hollywood.

Actually, this sounds like an awesome class. I’m sure my physics grades would have been much better if I’d had one like this!! “Movies such as Spiderman 2 and Speed generate excitement among audiences with […]

New Report on Bioscientists

FASB just released a new report today:  Education and Employment of Biological and Medical Scientists: Data from National Surveys This sort of jumped out at me: “Academic employment (i.e. the number of tenured or tenure-track […]

No Child Left Indoors

This is an awesome idea. I wish my ESA (Entomological Society of America) was as cool as the other ESA (Ecological Society of America): “The Ecological Society of America ( ESA ), the nation’s premier […]

August Scientiae Carnival!

Yes, it’s up and over at Twice Tenured. Check out all the other women (mostly) science bloggers! The main Scientiae page, if you are considering a submission for September. Also, Andrea is hosting the Disability […]

Interesting article in The Scientist

The Scientist has an interview with Frank Douglas, an administrator and faculty member at MIT who recently resigned over discrimination: “On June 3, I resigned from faculty and administrative positions at MIT, effective June 30. […]

Teaching to the Test, Science Standards, and 4H

Found a 2 nice reviews of the book “Tested” at Kos. They pretty much outline all the things that make me crazy about No Child Left Behind: “Students are continuously reminded of the importance of […]