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All actions bear a kind of fruit

Just for the heck of it, one of my NetVibes widgets is the Buddhist Quote of the day. Most of them are koans that just make my head hurt, but today’s I really liked: “No […]

Academia is a Cult

One of the workshops I’m most commonly asked to give at my university is usually called “Alternative Careers in Science.” I don’t give it that name myself–it’s what the group inviting me, or the program […]

Pop Psychology/Pap Psychology

This article in Psychology Today just makes me grind my teeth. Blondes are sexier, blue eyes are better, big boobs are preferred, and cheating on your wife is all natural. As explained by evolutionary psychology, […]

Diversity and Science

Nature has a series of articles on diversity in science this week (Nature 448, 97; July 2007) “the issue goes well beyond equal rights. As the demographics in, for example, the United States change, it […]

Girls and math

Yet MORE evidence math skills are not an innate ability: Davis-Kean and colleagues analyzed how parents’ values and attitudes affect children’s math performance and later interest, and how these attitudes vary by the child’s gender. […]

Just in: women still screwed

Sigh. Just noticed this from NACE (National Association of Collegiate Employers): “College Class of 2007: White Males Outpace Women, Minorities in Landing Jobs White males outpace their female and minority counterparts when it comes to […]

Shame on the National Academy

A new editorial in Nature points out what I’ve long deplored: the overwhelmingly male composition of the National Academy. “Roughly 10% of members of the science academy are women. This is up from just 6% […]

Careers for Girls

I get some (goodnatured) grief over at Skepchick for being an old reactionary broad. You have to understand history to see why I’m the way I am. Case in point: Careers for Girls (1966) This […]