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Not all mosquitoes are the same

Welcome to the second day of World Malaria Day [week] at the Bug Blog! I’ve talked several times about the way in which different mosquitoes respond differently to pesticides for malarial control, but here’s a […]

New malaria research

So much new and interesting malaria research has been coming out lately, I thought I’d post some as we approach World Malaria Day.  Here’s an assortment of research that shows how knowledge of basic mosquito […]

World Malaria Day 2009

Just a little reminder that WMD is April 25th, 2009. I’ll be covering some new and cool malaria research over the next week or two as we count up to  World Malaria Day. As a […]

Laser Mosquito Zapper?

Hmm. I am extremely skeptical about the success of this project.  From WSJ: A quarter-century ago, American rocket scientists proposed the “Star Wars” defense system to knock Soviet missiles from the skies with laser beams. […]

Cautiously excited: new repellent research

Looks like there could be a new repellent compound to choose from on your shelves soon! The compound, isolongifolenone, is made from a tree with the charming name of Bastard Bulletwood.  From the abstract: We […]

Bill Gates, Malaria, and Mosquitoes

In an interesting TED talk, Bill Gates releases mosquitoes into a crowd.  An excerpt: Sadly, it only takes a few comments on the TED page until the “bring back DDT” drivel appears.  Sigh. If you […]

Refugees, Malaria, and bednets

UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) has asked bloggers to give this campaign by Nothing But Nets some promotion.  Unfortunately, the majority of displaced people in the world live in malarial areas, and malaria […]

New mosquito trap research

I wrote before about some of the newer mosquito trap-and-kill technology–the main brand in the US is called Mosquito Magnet.  It attracts biting insects with a combination of CO2 and other odors that mimic human […]

New Malaria research: insecticide cross-resistance

Several new papers in the open-access journal Malaria discuss the thorny problem of insecticide resistance. I’ll give you the paper citations, abstract summaries, and a (mostly) non-technical translation in this post. The monitoring of insecticide […]