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Insects in the news #16

Insect saliva may contain clues to disease transmission Scientists are looking at ways to examine immune response to insect saliva to quantify risk of infectious disease transmission. “This approach, based on the studies of malaria […]

DDT, Junk Science, and the attack on Rachel Carson

It all started with a post office. Ed noticed that a senator didn’t want to name a post office after Carson and made some wacky claims about DDT. What I didn’t realize when I read […]

Insects in the news # 15

Ants demonstrate how to create working superhighways “The study…in the June issue of Animal Behaviour shows that these living ‘plugs’ improve the quality of the surface. This increases the overall speed of the traffic and […]

JAMA Malaria theme issue this week

JAMA has an entire issue dedicated to malaria treatment and diagnosis this week. This includes a very interesting essay–“Don’t sleep with your chickens“–that tells a story of a medical outreach mission to Uganda. It’s sad […]