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Overblown DEET news

DEET is the gold standard for insect repellent. I’ve covered it fairly extensively at the Bug Blog–it’s the best thing we have to prevent a wide spectrum of insects from biting and transmitting an even […]

Stream pollution makes mosquitoes happy

This week the Ecological Society of America is having their annual meeting, and several papers of entomological interest have been presented. One found that increased pollution in urban streams leads to increased mosquito populations: “Luis […]

Mosquito Thriller

In case you missed it on my Twitter stream..a tribute to Michael Jackson. In Alaska. With Skeeters. Field Biologists ROCK.  And I told you I was dressed accurately!!

Gendering Insect Repellent?

Sociological Images caught something very interesting—packaging the same mosquito repellent product in two different ways: “the mostly blue package includes a male figure fishing and logos for hunting, camping, and fishing. ….the mostly orange package […]

Nothing but Nets

And now…back to World Malaria Day [Week] here at the Bug Blog.  This has to be one of the most charming rap songs ever–a group of Atlanta kids do a rap song for Nothing but […]

Not all mosquitoes are the same

Welcome to the second day of World Malaria Day [week] at the Bug Blog! I’ve talked several times about the way in which different mosquitoes respond differently to pesticides for malarial control, but here’s a […]

New malaria research

So much new and interesting malaria research has been coming out lately, I thought I’d post some as we approach World Malaria Day.  Here’s an assortment of research that shows how knowledge of basic mosquito […]

World Malaria Day 2009

Just a little reminder that WMD is April 25th, 2009. I’ll be covering some new and cool malaria research over the next week or two as we count up to  World Malaria Day. As a […]

Laser Mosquito Zapper?

Hmm. I am extremely skeptical about the success of this project.  From WSJ: A quarter-century ago, American rocket scientists proposed the “Star Wars” defense system to knock Soviet missiles from the skies with laser beams. […]