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More DDT hijinks from people who should know better

Ed at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub caught someone blindly repeating the “Rachel Carson is the antichrist” dogma that’s making the rounds. Check out his post. Here’s some interesting background on the overly positive National Geographic DDT […]

The love song of J. Albert Mosquito

PZ has a great post, with photos, of mosquito love songs at Pharyngula. (A new paper just came out on how mosquito males and females harmonize to see if they can make sweet music together.) […]

Ask an Entomologist: Bot Flies

A story in the news today: Man surprised by bot flies on his head! I was looking at some of the comments on that article, and thought some general info about bot flies might be […]

What’s the best way to repel mosquitoes?

Do a Google search on this phrase, and I’m afraid nearly all the top results will try to sell you garbage. You can buy solar-powered ultrasound “repellers” that claim to scare mosquitoes off–but they’ll mostly […]

Malaria and Bed nets: New Research

Exciting new research suggests that insecticide-treated bed net use could decrease malaria transmission: “Although the use of ITNs by vulnerable groups [pregnant women and children under 5–BG] should remain a priority, these findings suggest that […]

Insects in the news #17

Important disease vector mosquito genome sequenced The genes that make up the immune system of the Aedes aegypti mosquito which transmits deadly viral diseases to humans have been identified in new research out today in […]

Insects in the news #16

Insect saliva may contain clues to disease transmission Scientists are looking at ways to examine immune response to insect saliva to quantify risk of infectious disease transmission. “This approach, based on the studies of malaria […]