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I’ve moved! This is an Archive

This website remains as an archive of my early work.

ehrmahgerd bertles!

ZOMG Amazing News: I’m Moving

Yeah, so. Here’s my real name and stuff, illustrated with animated gifs.


How To Deal with Blog Spam

Sometimes you just need to amuse yourself.

Insect Nation

A little musical interlude for your evening: Bill Bailey on the destruction of the planet.

Updates from the Bug House

Some quick updates: I am moving! I’m moving back to the Midwest the first week of May, so will be out of touch for most of that week. I have a contract to do some […]

Happy St. Urho’s Day, 2013!

Mid-March! A time when the US turns its attention to an important event–a type of March Madness, if you will. People stock up on food, buy special t-shirts, and drink alcoholic libations in mass quantities.  […]

A mushy Valentine message to pretty much everyone on the internet (except a couple of you, and You Know Who You Are)

rather than griping about what I don’t have this Valentines Day (because apparently I have the same romantic habits as a cicada–we have sex once, and it only happens in 17 year intervals;) I thought I would be happy about what I do have.

“We don’t talk about ovaries here”

I put things on hold about 4 months ago, and wanted to give everyone an update. I’m afraid there are no insects in this post, but I am possibly going to crank things up again. […]


I am taking some time off.