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Pseudonyms are essential online

[Trigger warning for discussions of online and IRL abuse and violence]

Guest Post: Honey bees, CCD, and the Elephant in the Room

Dr. Doug Yanega stops by to tell us why he thinks Colony Collapse Disorder is nothing new.

Epic Creationist FAIL: Bombardier Beetle Book

Oh My. For years I’ve heard about the kid’s book “Bomby the Bombardier Beetle“, published by the Institute for Creation Research.  You might remember them as the folks that suggested teachers of evolution should be hanged […]

Teaching advice: what to do when a student loses it

Quite a few people, including PZ, have posted this video of a student completely loosing it in a classroom.  From the school paper: “Associate Professor Stephen M. Kajiura was reviewing with his evolution class in […]

How to make sure you are never invited to another potluck. EVER.

Ah, the Holidays. The season when introverted curmudgeons like me….are fairly miserable and awkward, actually.  I’m not good enough at small talk to do well at holiday gatherings: “What are you doing for Christmas?” “Um….lamenting the […]

Bee news that isn’t news

I don’t know about my entomological colleagues, but I am getting rather snippy over stories about the latest thing that’s killing bees. Some of this I think is related to the false sense of urgency […]

Native Prisoners of War

I grew up rural, so  I knew some of my neighbors didn’t have running water.  I thought of it as an amusing eccentricity of their families.   Then my family moved near Houston, and I was […]

Ben the Overly Literal Dermestid Beetle

And he’s got a bone to pick! I can’t believe I am just now finding out about this. Today’s topic: “_____gate”.  You can’t just go around making prefixes and suffixes out of any syllables you […]

Does Google+ hate women?

Ok, that title is way over the top to get your attention.* BUT. I do want to talk about what the “no pseudonyms” policy adopted at G+ means for women, LGBT folk, and civil servants. There […]