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Herbs, evidence, and medicine

The Mayo Clinic today released a new publication with an investigation of the way in which Americans take medicinal herbs.* Their conclusion: “Roughly two thirds of adults using commonly consumed herbs (except echinacea) did not […]

Rate your students

Yep, now you can rate your students! (sort of).  It’s a response blog to  It’s mean, and some days, really comforting. I spent several minutes happily contemplating this wish: “I’d like the ability to […]

Top 5 ways to make me go berzerk

The whole Pharyngula business has made me reflect that there are a few topics that are guaranteed to make me completely go berserk. I really need to remember to just –Stay Out- of some conversation […]

It’s not rape, damn it!

Gah! here’s the lastest headline at New Scientist: Female ducks fight back against raping males. I will say this one more time. With emphasis. Forced copulation in animals is NOT the same as rape in […]

Capri Pants: Spawn of the devil, or 5th Horseman of Apocalypse?

Seriously. Can I please just get ONE pair of pants that actually is a regular length? I’m not working at the beach. I don’t want to be “kicky”. I just want a Plain Fucking Pair […]

Holy Crap, #2

The NY Times has a demographic summary of how the 81 people killed by guns daily in the US died–homicide, suicide, or accident/police action. This way of presenting the data shows a truly alarming suicide […]

State Vegetables

Oklahoma just declared the watermelon its state vegetable. Except….um….IT ISN’T A VEGETABLE!!! Sigh. Cue “ripened ovary” speech. “The controversy on whether watermelon is a fruit or vegetable has been officially decided by the Oklahoma Legislature,” […]

Hey Look! More wrongness

The NYTimes discusses the American Airlines website for women “Why does AA feel that female travelers need things explained to them that male travelers don’t? Are we that dumb? That inexperienced in the ways of […]

So. Damn. Wrong.

There just aren’t words enough for what is wrong with this article: “Networking over shoe shopping at a Manhattan boutique is no different for women than playing golf and sharing cigars after a steak dinner […]