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Dear Nintendo:

I want to have a little talk with you about the Wii.  Specifically, the Wii Fit. It’s a cool little thing, don’t get me wrong. Not only am I able to have a quick workout […]

Whither Goest the Bug Blog?

This will be a rather personal and introspective (i.e., navels gazed at) post, so if that isn’t your thing, just click away. You might have noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. There’s a lot […]

File Under: Are you fucking kidding me??

What the…what? Apparently, a pest control company in the UK has decided to drum up business by COMPLETELY MAKING SHIT UP. This image shows some of the numbers of insects estimated to be on public […]

Pest Control: an old metaphor for racism

I happened to stumble across this really horrifying story last week: Last week the Web site ran an advertisement headlined “Native Extraction Service” with a photograph of three young Native boys. The service offered […]

Fox News FAIL: Insect Museums

Ok, I’m a couple of days late to this, but that’s mostly because I had to wait until I could stop cussing and breathing in a bag to calm down.  If you haven’t already heard, […]

I need a new life

Yeah, so here is what I found on my doorstep Saturday morning.  We also received the liver and heart. In fact, they put the heart on top of Mr. Bug’s car. Definitely a threat, and […]

Yay! Wait…oh.

Well, Michigan now has a budget, and the Governor did not use her line item veto to completely destroy Extension. That’s the good news. But.   The Extension budget will still be cut 44%, which is […]

Holy F’N Shit

You might remember that I got in trouble in the past for saying what I thought about some cuts to Michigan’s State Budget in early 2009. And that was NOTHING compared to what’s about to […]

Career Tip #7: First impressions

I can’t tell you how much first impressions count when I have a posted position open, and I get calls from candidates.  Many of them seem to have missed learning some of the basic rules […]