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More entomophagy in the news

Hey, there’s a really nice article about bug food in the New York Times today: “In the kitchen at Toscanini’s Ice Cream, David Gracer plunged a spoon into various insect-and-ice-cream concoctions. Wielding a grasshopper covered […]

A cranky old lady reviews Pinterest (for SCIENCE)

“People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.”

Ento Box

Some time ago, I got an email from a student in the UK working on an Entomophagy project: “I’m a postgraduate design student studying at the Royal College of Art in London, who is currently […]

Buggy Mac and Cheese

For those of you that want to try entomophagy–but don’t want to eat bugs–I thought I would give a shout out for this wonderful Mac and Cheese: Crazy Bugs! It has adorable bug-shaped pasta, and […]

How to make sure you are never invited to another potluck. EVER.

Ah, the Holidays. The season when introverted curmudgeons like me….are fairly miserable and awkward, actually.  I’m not good enough at small talk to do well at holiday gatherings: “What are you doing for Christmas?” “Um….lamenting the […]

Don Bugito (and edible insects)

It’s been a really great month for entomophagy (bug eating)!  Daniella Martin of Girl Meets Bug headlined a big special edition of the San Francisco Weekly that was also picked up by NPR.  I really liked this […]

I’m on the radio!

Best of all, I am joined on this episode of Skeptically Speaking by anthropologist Greg Laden, who talks about entomophagy (bug eating). My part of the interview starts with a discussion of using a pseudonym […]

Can eating insects prevent malnutrition?

A wonderful symposium on Entomophagy from the 2010 Entomological Society of America National Meeting is now (mostly) online in a series of videos. I think one of the most interesting was from a a pediatric […]

I got nothin’

I have so many things that I want to write about– Entomophagy suddenly is hot! The middle east is revolting! The GOP is really, REALLY revolting! And about all I have time to offer is […]