Spring. Almost.

We had a high of 39 degrees F here today, and I actually saw a blade of grass peek out from the snow! I also saw 2 students walking around in parkas, flip flops, and […]

Your Evolution “WTF?” of the day

Hey, I had no idea that evolution was just one of those crazy Kaballah ideas promoted by jews! “Indisputable evidence — long hidden but now available to everyone — demonstrates conclusively that so-called ‘secular evolution […]

Leos have more…fractures

There is an awesome post at Wired about a presentation at the AAAS meetings that found relationships between horoscopes and various medical conditions. Or–didn’t. The researchers set out to find patterns in places where they […]

Evidence for my Feminazi lack of humor

You know, the sad thing is, almost this exact thing happened when I was in college…in the 80s. “February 13, 2007, 9:12 AM EST NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — A former college newspaper editor who wrote […]

2008 Science Budget

From the ACS, although you can find it all over the net: “President George W.Bsh’s federal budget for fiscal 2008 proposes an increase in total R&D spending, but it includes no new initiatives in science […]

Careers for Girls

I get some (goodnatured) grief over at Skepchick for being an old reactionary broad. You have to understand history to see why I’m the way I am. Case in point: Careers for Girls (1966) This […]

Agitprop is Awesome!

Via a little program called Agitprop, I was just able to import about a year’s worth of old blog from iBlog. I diched iBlog some time ago, for a variety of glitches. Awesome!! Thank you! […]

Insight wins! (again)

Those of you who’ve taunted me about my little car–eat my dust! Not only do I get great mileage and have a SULEV rating, an Insight won a road rally in November! And, this was […]

Challah Bread Recipe

I made this because I accidentally bought way too many eggs. It was surprisingly easy, and very yummy. We ate waaaay too much of this. 1/2 cup plus 2/3 cup warm water 2 tbs dry […]