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Shellac: It’s a bug AND a feature!

Happy Valentines Day! This holiday is traditionally celebrated with a gift of plant genitalia and candy.  The flowers exist to attract pollinating insects, and the candy has an insect connection you might not know about. […]

Guest Blogger: David Gracer

Hey Everyone! I invited David over to announce some exciting entomophagy news–a way to get all the past issues of the Food Insects Newsletter!   Here’s what David has to say: “It’s a great day for […]

Cooking the (bug) bread

Here’s the update on the bread–with photos! The JTB bread turned out pretty good, although it (as usual) tends to rise in the middle to form a dome-shaped loaf, no matter what type of pan […]

Cochineal: it’s a bug AND a feature!

So much misinformation is being published right now about Cochineal, I thought a post that explains what it is, how it’s made, why it’s relatively harmless, and why I support labeling but oppose a ban, […]


Around this time of year, I like to remind people about food, and privilege, and not taking things for granted. And right on time…. I stumbled across this fascinating student blog! It’s a “personal sustainability […]


Insects have 4 legs (in the Bible)

The Bible and Quran agree: early writers just weren’t good at counting legs.

Master of Ants

Ok, I really, really want to know how I got on someone’s list as a person to plug stuff. Once again, I have gotten a contact from a PR person! This one, at least, I […]