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Insect Carl Sagan and science communication

The latest buzz going round the online science community is an article that suggests that scientists might not be doing enough to communicate with the public.  Scicurious wrote an excellent reply. I struggled to find […]

Insect Nation

A little musical interlude for your evening: Bill Bailey on the destruction of the planet.

cicada painting

Time for Cicadas!

Hurray! Info about these summer singers

What is Natural Selection?

There is another video in the wonderful collaboration between Stated Clearly and Bird and Moon comics! Also, amazingly, I seem to have posted the earlier video about Evolution over at Skepchick, but not here! Check […]

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Guest Post: Honey bees, CCD, and the Elephant in the Room

Dr. Doug Yanega stops by to tell us why he thinks Colony Collapse Disorder is nothing new.

Bumble bees of Spring!

Bumbles are one of the first pollinators out in the spring, and the fuzzy adorableness of their bodies helps retain heat.

Updates from the Bug House

Some quick updates: I am moving! I’m moving back to the Midwest the first week of May, so will be out of touch for most of that week. I have a contract to do some […]