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1900-2007 malaria rates

Malaria: Visually charting our progress

When I was looking up something for last week’s rant, I discovered this map, which shows the progress that has been made in fighting Malaria.  Sometimes, I think it’s easy to forget that while a […]

Forbes hits the Conspiracy Trifecta

Environmentalists caused the plague? A very problematic take in a magazine that should know better

Caught in the Bug Net: 10.23.10

I wanted to make sure you saw this one from The Onion: “GRAND IMPERIAL THRONE ROOM, CASTLE ROACH—His Royal Highness, King Leopold Blattodea IV, undisputed lord and ruler of the cockroaches, expressed dismay and concern […]

Bedbugs and Pesticide Resistance

I discovered that bed bug evolution–specifically resistance to pesticides–was also the subject of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center‘s podcast this month.  A FASCINATING interview with one of the grand old men of evolutionary genetics, James […]

Whither Goest the Bug Blog?

This will be a rather personal and introspective (i.e., navels gazed at) post, so if that isn’t your thing, just click away. You might have noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. There’s a lot […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 1.31.10

Things are rather dramatic* in my life right now, so how about a little linkage? You know how I love Taxonomy FAIL, and Roberto finds a doosy: Exxon Photoshoppage Fail Spiders weave a giant tapestry! […]

Ospreys return to Lower Michigan!

I recently got a letter from the Michigan Nature Association that announced they have nesting ospreys at the Helmer Brook Plant Preserve.  Osprey Watch reports there are 17 active nests in lower Michigan this year. […]

Whitehouse garden kerfuffle

So, I mentioned before that the First Family is putting in a garden (complete with bee hive!). And, in fact, they plant to make it an organic garden. That choice has stirred up a whole […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 5.27.09

Speciation via waterbug predation? (Not Rocket Science) “Bugging” museum specimens with insects (how dermestid beetles clean bones, from the Smithsonian) Ugly Overload has a lot of invert related posts: Camel Spiders, Wolf Spiders, and Mantids–oh […]