Blowing on Bats. For Science.

No, that’s how you find them. IT’S SCIENCE.

Planet of the Arthropods

The IUCN has a report out that suggests over 20% of invertebrate species are at risk of extinction. That is a big deal, and we should be worried.

New Peacock Spider Video!

The cinematographer extraordinaire of tiny dancing spiders, Jurgen Otto, has posted a new peacock spider video!  Remember, these adorable little spiders are usually less than 6mm in size. I was going to write a post […]

Happy St. Urho’s Day, 2013!

Mid-March! A time when the US turns its attention to an important event–a type of March Madness, if you will. People stock up on food, buy special t-shirts, and drink alcoholic libations in mass quantities.  […]

Signs of Spring: Hummingbirds

Finally, signs of spring are beginning to show here in New England. Birds are singing, and hopefully some of our tiny, shiny little migrants will be returning soon. There is a Citizen Science project you […]

Harlem Shake: Butterfly Style

The latest internet Meme is the Harlem Shake, and I think this is one of the best versions. A little background: “Harlem Shake” (not  the hip hop dance style) is the title of a 2012 […]


“Scientifically Accurate” Spider-man (is not accurate)

What can Spider-Man’s detachable penis teach us about science communication?

The Indoor Centipede Song!

Oh, I love this! All microfauna need their own song!!  Centipedes sometimes create a great deal of alarm when they are found inside homes, but really they are harmless little predators. Now if we can […]

Don’t throw your DEET Away!

A lot of people have been asking me about the new DEET news. Here’s an entomologist’s opinion, breaking it down.
TL:DR your DEET still works, ignore the headlines.