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Not all mosquitoes are the same

Welcome to the second day of World Malaria Day [week] at the Bug Blog! I’ve talked several times about the way in which different mosquitoes respond differently to pesticides for malarial control, but here’s a […]

Book Review: American Pests

American Pests: The loosing war on insects from Colonial times to DDT Author: James McWilliams Bug Rating: I spent a VERY long time reading, and then re-reading this book. I really struggled with it, because […]

Bill Gates, Malaria, and Mosquitoes

In an interesting TED talk, Bill Gates releases mosquitoes into a crowd.  An excerpt: Sadly, it only takes a few comments on the TED page until the “bring back DDT” drivel appears.  Sigh. If you […]

New research on bedbug insecticide resistance

Since I mentioned bedbugs recently, I thought I would also cover this paper: Kyong Sup Yoon, Deok Ho Kwon, Joseph P. Strycharz, Craig S. Hollingsworth, Si Hyeock Lee, J. Marshall Clark (2008). Biochemical and Molecular […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 12.30.08

Wack off. No, seriously. It’s an insect repellent! Lovely photos of fecal shields (really!) at Cicindela.  You’ve never seen such beautiful poop. Anna has a lovely post (with photos) about cheating bees. Myrmecos has a […]

New Malaria research: insecticide cross-resistance

Several new papers in the open-access journal Malaria discuss the thorny problem of insecticide resistance. I’ll give you the paper citations, abstract summaries, and a (mostly) non-technical translation in this post. The monitoring of insecticide […]

Dying to be Heard

I wanted to plug a student production from Michigan State that was actually picked up by PBS, and has won multiple awards:   Dying to be Heard “Dying to be Heard tells the story of Michigan […]

Why we failed on Malaria

Yeah. What he said: “The war against malaria in tropical countries was fought and lost in the 20th Century on the basis of faulty intelligence, a ‘dodgy dossier’ which argued that the same methods used […]

ACMA Statement on Misters

The AMCA (American Mosquito Control Association) has weighed in on mosquito misting systems. These systems are installed near (or on) a home, and dispense clouds of pesticides (or ‘natural’ oils like garlic and eucalyptus). The […]