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Good Malaria news from the WHO!

Hurray! I’ve posted the results of several recent studies showing that bed nets can be extremely effective at preventing malaria in the past. The WHO has now publicly stated a policy of free distribution: “NAIROBI, […]

An odd email campaign by Africa Fighting Malaria

I and a whole bunch of other bloggers were contacted this week by the Astroturf group Africa Fighting Malaria. They wanted us to know a new paper had been published about DDT: “This information was […]

Spam/Comments Policy

All comments, whether I know you or not, will go into moderation if there is a link in the comment.  30 days after it’s posted, a blog post’s comments close. This greatly cuts down on […]

Drive-By Snarking

Ugh. He’s back. In a way, it’s actually quite a flattering indication that I must be having an effect with my little campaign to point out the (many) inaccuracies in the “DDT is safe, Rachel […]

All actions bear a kind of fruit

Just for the heck of it, one of my NetVibes widgets is the Buddhist Quote of the day. Most of them are koans that just make my head hurt, but today’s I really liked: “No […]

Insects in the news #19

Aphid “Chemical Weapons” Cabbage aphids have developed an internal chemical defense system which enables them to disable attacking predators by setting off a mustard oil ‘bomb’, says new research. Butterfly recovery from bacterial infection An […]

Scientists, media, and political activism

There was an interesting interview over at Wired with the Yes Men, a corporate ethics activist group. They were spot-on when talking about the way dissent is manufactured using science out of context: “Scientists depend […]

Malaria and Bed nets: New Research

Exciting new research suggests that insecticide-treated bed net use could decrease malaria transmission: “Although the use of ITNs by vulnerable groups [pregnant women and children under 5–BG] should remain a priority, these findings suggest that […]

THIS is why you need to keep up on your journal reading…

Because if you don’t, you’ll miss an excellent two-part article in American Entomologist about Rachel Carson and Silent Spring! (Alas, reprints not available online yet.) Anelli, Carol M., Christian H. Krupke and Renee Priya Prasad. […]