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Open Access Malaria Journal

Lots of folks are interested in research on malaria, and I thought you might want to know there is a very good open access journal: It has a very high citation impact rating, which […]

Setting the record straight on Rachel Carson

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has a very nice post about DDT, in which they are quite clear that Rachel Carson is not the anti-Christ. I specifically refer you to their “Common misconceptions about […]

Random randomness

1. Extremely good headline: “Legislation would expand law to protect short, fat people” Not that I have any special interest in the success/application of this law…. 2. A beautiful pink jar for leeches! 3. My […]

Malarial Drug Resistance: exciting new development!

I am very geeked about the this announcement: “In research published in the May 22 issue of the journal Biochemistry, the researchers say that with the addition of the recreated gene, PfMDR1 and its protein, […]

Rachel Carson and Chemical News

The Editor of Chemical and Engineering News has a wonderful, balanced editorial about the attacks on Rachel Carson, written after re-reading Silent Spring. It’s what I would want to write, if I was able to […]

Lazy topic Friday

Yeah, I have a bunch of stuff I’m going to work on. Fascinating and informational essays on DDT, bedbugs, and cholera.  But for now….nap. How about you just look at some of the things blooming […]

JAMA Malaria theme issue this week

JAMA has an entire issue dedicated to malaria treatment and diagnosis this week. This includes a very interesting essay–“Don’t sleep with your chickens“–that tells a story of a medical outreach mission to Uganda. It’s sad […]