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A beetle of a different sort

Just discovered this–it’s an ad for the new VW Beetle which ran during the Superbowl. For those of you that, like me, were not watching–I give you the 2011 VW Bug. There is a different […]

Ant Protesters!

I spent yesterday afternoon chasing mute swans around in 2 foot deep snow, on a frozen pond, in waders, with a giant net on a pole. It was not an easy task. Big props to […]

More interesting ads….

Clearly, pest control companies have invested more lately in their ad budget. Last week we had lovely gothic art, and this week we have more cleverness, this time from the makers of roach traps: Roach […]

A new ad campaign from Raid

I saw this beautiful ad–full size here–and while the art work is lovely, I’m really puzzled. Are they advertising a product to kill moths in your closets and on clothes? The ad agency is from […]

The pleasures of random surfing

One thing I love about the Interwebs is the way in which you can stumble upon something interesting by just randomly clicking around. Today’s Example: The Evanion Collection of Ephemera at the British Museum. Evanion […]