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Advice for successful career decisions

One of the things I do more or less full time now is give students unsolicited advice.  I talk to both graduate students and undergraduates, and they are mostly worried about the same things: Did […]

Where should I look for a job?

One of the most common questions I get from students around this time of year is “Where should I look for a job?” The question they actually are asking is “where ONLINE should I look […]

Overblown DEET news

DEET is the gold standard for insect repellent. I’ve covered it fairly extensively at the Bug Blog–it’s the best thing we have to prevent a wide spectrum of insects from biting and transmitting an even […]

Career Tip #7: First impressions

I can’t tell you how much first impressions count when I have a posted position open, and I get calls from candidates.  Many of them seem to have missed learning some of the basic rules […]

Career Tip # 6: REU Applications

Do not print your cover letter for an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates on Hello Kitty paper. Seriously. Had it not also come with transcripts attached, I’d think some of you were just messing with […]

Dear Parent….

When you email me about an internship I’ve posted, and tell me YOU are looking for an internship for your son/daughter, that pretty much puts the kibosh on me ever hiring your kid right there.  […]

More career advice

If you are applying for an internship, you should probably apply for the internship FIRST, before you have a reference letter sent. Especially if we didn’t request reference letters, but names of references. And you […]

Job seeker advice, part 2

If you are applying for a job that is an Assistant Mentor, or Graduate Assistant, or Assistant whatever, DO NOT send me a file named:  Ass.Cover.Letter.doc That is all. Related Posts:   Spellcheck is not […]

Helpful hint to Academic Jobseekers

If you send me your CV via email, and tell me you really want to work at our wonderful university, you should probably use BCC to hide the fact that you sent exactly the same […]