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Bees and Pesticides (again)

(Latest in my series of bee posts for Scientopia) The same day that I published my piece about bees and pesticides, the Pesticide Action Network released a report titled Honey Bees and Pesticides: State of the […]

Bees, pesticides, and CCD: what’s the evidence?

When you apply epidemiology methods to CCD, you might be surprised at the answers you get.

New Bee/Pollination book!

It starts shipping in late March! ($23.50, plus postage.) Managing Alternative Pollinators: A Handbook for Beekeepers, Growers and Conservationists NRAES 186, SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) Handbook 11 A step-by-step, full-color guide for rearing […]

Holy F’N Shit

You might remember that I got in trouble in the past for saying what I thought about some cuts to Michigan’s State Budget in early 2009. And that was NOTHING compared to what’s about to […]

Whitehouse garden kerfuffle

So, I mentioned before that the First Family is putting in a garden (complete with bee hive!). And, in fact, they plant to make it an organic garden. That choice has stirred up a whole […]

Re-greening Detroit?

I was really fascinated by this map, which shows how very sprawled Detroit is, compared to other large metropolitan areas. From a Freep story: “Detroit, where the population peaked at 2 million in the early […]


Around this time of year, I like to remind people about food, and privilege, and not taking things for granted. And right on time…. I stumbled across this fascinating student blog! It’s a “personal sustainability […]

It’s Ag Expo Week!

If you farm in Michigan, you probably know about Ag Expo.  It’s a huge trade fair and Extension info show on the MSU campus, where you can see (and test drive) cool new equipment. The […]