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Caught in the Bug Net: 8.25.08

Still busy with the beginning of fall classes today, so how about reading these arthropod posts elsewhere? Doug posts about the Lichen Grasshopper New Aphid species found….on eBay! Bootstrap Analysis finds a new species in […]

Myrmecomorphy (ant mimicry)

I just love Flickr. Today’s discovery: artour_a has posted a whole collection of photos of insects that mimic ants! Artour’s page has a whole different range of insects (and spiders) that mimic ants, but I […]

Collected in the Bug Net: 1.25.08

An incredibly cool use of Google earth: mapping ant colonies. The narration is a bit florid, but the video is really neat: excavation of an ant colony. The NCSU Insect Museum has a blog! (And […]

Bean–um–Bug counting

The BBC had an entertaining article about the yearly census taken by British zoos to make sure no animals are missing, and all the permits match up. (We do a similar thing here at the […]

The Ant Analogy

I wanted to direct everyone to a really great essay about ants, termites, and using their societies as a metaphor for human society: The Ant Analogy I liked it so much, I couldn’t pick a […]

Aphid Farming!

A really cool new paper about just how ants keep aphids as “cattle”: Ant semiochemicals limit apterous aphid dispersal. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Thomas H Oliver, et al. Some background: Aphid […]

Bees and silk

Several other insects besides silkworms make silk, but not much has been known about the structure of those compounds. Bee and ant larvae produce silk and, although the silks in all these species are produced […]

Master of Ants

Ok, I really, really want to know how I got on someone’s list as a person to plug stuff. Once again, I have gotten a contact from a PR person! This one, at least, I […]

Vampire haiku, etc.

These made me laugh, and I’m in favor of laughing on a Sunday, which is almost Monday. Which means I have to get back to work and quit goofing off. Should have worked out more […]