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Spinning Spider Silk into Gold

What do you do if you are textile artists in Madagascar and want to promote traditional Malagasy weaving techniques?  You make a scarf and a golden cape spun from spider silk.  Using half a million dollars […]

More social spiders in the news!

I’m a little late on this one, but since people seem to find social spiders fascinating (in a Halloween sort of way), I thought I’d mention this news story about spiders living in groups–to capture […]

CNN spreads arthropod hysteria

Big surprise, the media gets an arthropod story wrong. The level of wrongness is impressive, though. The headline is “Stowaway Afghan Spider kills Family Dog.” First, the story is  about a camel spider, which isn’t […]

Richard Thompson Attacked by Arthropod

I’m a Richard Thompson fan, and my husband tipped me off on his recent adventure in Mexico–he was stung by a Centruroides scorpion: “Throbbing pain in the bones of the right arm. Numbness and prickling […]