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Silk Pavilion

How to get 6,500 silk worms to make you a house. Sort of.

cicada painting

Painting Cicadas

Video showing the creation of a painting about cicadas. Lovely!

How to make a giant aluminum ants’ nest

Details about that amazing aluminum nest cast photo that is making the rounds. It’s SCIENCE!

Art made of Aedeagus

It’s totally normal that entomologists are obsessed with genitalia. Really!

Insect Watercolors and a bug expo

I had a good time at the Eastern Branch ESA meeting Bug fair this weekend–and I discovered a new artist!  Dinah Wells works in watercolors, and does amazing work. Here she is painting away on […]

Making a living from butterflies

Anshul Fernando is an interesting guy.  He’s an artist based in Canada that creates very lovely pieces with butterflies and other exotic insects.  In this video, he walks you through the process of “relaxing” and […]

Hexapod Haiku Contest!

It’s time once again for the NCSU Insect Museum’s Hexapod Haiku Contest! hexapod haiku – short poems that celebrate most Arthropoda The goal of this contest is to encourage people to think about the myriad […]

Ento Box

Some time ago, I got an email from a student in the UK working on an Entomophagy project: “I’m a postgraduate design student studying at the Royal College of Art in London, who is currently […]