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Spinning Spider Silk into Gold

What do you do if you are textile artists in Madagascar and want to promote traditional Malagasy weaving techniques?  You make a scarf and a golden cape spun from spider silk.  Using half a million dollars […]

Call for papers: Insects in Pop Culture, Art, and Music

Oh, this is going to be really cool! You might remember Jennifer Angus–I’ve covered her work before here. Amazing art work using dried insect specimens. I just discovered there will be a special issue of Insects (ISSN […]

Take my insects–Please!

Ok, so as a followup on the whole copyright/flamewar/widget fiasco, I have created a new group on Flickr. It’s called: Take my Insects! Please!  I invite everyone to add photos they would like highlighted on […]

Strange Insect Art

What the…very creative use of insects and….stuff.  The prose describing the work is a bit florid, but the idea is really interesting: “Once the stuff of science fiction, today flying and crawling insects are used […]

TubaBugs? Buggles?

More amazing insect art. This is the work of Hungarian graphic artist Balázs Pápay. Alas, as best I can tell, this is not a real object, but a digital creation. There is also an additional […]

Mantis Fratricide?

It appears someone found the giant mantis mentioned earlier this week. The description sounds like classic cold war stuff: “Dilke had been miniaturized, first man in a daring experiment to solve Earth’s hideous overcrowding. He […]

Roach Museum Tour

I love this!  It’s being billed as a “participatory art project.”  Basically, you can sign up to have a cockroach tour of the London Science Museum in 2011. Superflex is an art group from Denmark; […]

Insect Art Show!

The Observatory Room in Brooklyn NY has a show right now that features insects! ENTOMOLOGIA – A Group Show of Insect Art February 26th – April 4th, 2010 OBSERVATORY and Curious Expeditions’ Michelle Enemark are […]

Would you like to see my Engravings?

I feature the BiblioOdessy blog here semi-regularly, since he seems to find lovely old insect artwork everywhere. This week: Charming hand-coloured 18th century moth illustrations found in EJC Esper’s ‘Die Schmetterlinge in Abbildungen nach der […]