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Amazing Insect Sculptures

I cover a lot of art-insect stuff here, but this one has simply reduced me to one word: WANT. Julia Stoess apparently works at a German museum, and has perfected the art of making very […]

More Insect Art!

You might remember I covered this artist last year when she had a show in Brazil. Well, she’s got a show in the US right now, and the gallery director was kind enough to send […]

Sunday Insect Art

BibliOdyssey finds more lovely old insect art! I had a hard time deciding which to focus here, so went with a peanut-head (also known as a lantern-fly).  They are related to neither peanuts or flies; […]

OMG Lego Insects!

WOW. That’s all I’ve got. Not only is the insect built of LEGOs, so is the display box!! Check out pupipupi’s photostream for additional insects–there is a wonderful longhorn beetle, as well as a dragonfly. […]

Insecta Fantasia

Wow. I sooooo wish I could make it to this exhibit. Via Curious Expeditions–the artwork of Jennifer Angus. “Nestled within the Ballentine House, Angus has taken two rooms, the former rooms of the two Ballentine […]

Pretty Picture Friday

It’s actually going to be 70 degrees here in Michigan today, so I plan to be OUTSIDE enjoying the day, and not online. While I’m gone, why not enjoy this lovely artwork from BiblioOdyssey.  It’s […]

LOL book review

Mr. Bug and I went to the discount book store after a traumatic tax session this afternoon. One section that’s always good for a laugh is the “Romance Fantasy” aisle, which anyone else would call […]

more insect art

Ugh–super busy today, so how about checking out another person with amazing artwork on Flickr? This piece is based on the phrase “Big fleas have little fleas/ Upon their backs to bite ’em,/ And little […]

Pretty Picture Thursday

If you haven’t noticed it on Flickr yet, GunnerGirl has been doing a beautiful “beetle a day” series of sketches. You can see her entire series here, and it’s amazing.  I don’t know how she […]