Insecta Fantasia

Wow. I sooooo wish I could make it to this exhibit. Via Curious Expeditions–the artwork of Jennifer Angus.

“Nestled within the Ballentine House, Angus has taken two rooms, the former rooms of the two Ballentine children, and covered them in insects. From a distance it looks like wallpaper, but upon closer inspection, the walls have been covered in thousands of precisely pinned bugs. Giant pink grasshoppers, perfect replicas of leaves and iridescent jewel beetles all swarm the walls in orderly geometric patterns…..The installation is up only until June 14th, and it’s well worth any effort it takes to get there to see Insecta Fantasia.

They also have posted an interview with the artist at their blog.

I wonder if I can get time off and fly to Jersey….(even more cool photos at the artist’s website!)